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What the Best-Dressed Doors Are Wearing

Giving tired cabinets an upgrade with new hardware is one of the oldest tricks known to decorators — and for good reason. It’s a surprisingly easy way to transform a kitchen or bathroom. The same strategy works just as well on a larger scale, with doors. New hardware can go …

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Trading a Walk-up for a Brand-New Studio

This summer, Jade Osei-Osafo moved into a studio apartment that is so sleek and modern compared to where she has lived before that she is still getting used to it. “This is definitely not my vibe of apartment — I love the style of homes in brownstone Brooklyn,” Ms. Osei-Osafo, …

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$4.5 Million Homes in California

Los Altos Hills | $4.5 Million A 1973 modernist house with two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and a one-bedroom guest cottage, on 2.11 acres The sellers, who are the original owners, built this stucco-and-glass house in the early 1970s as a place to raise their four children. When …

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Homes That Sold for Around $1.5 Million

Each week, our survey of recent residential sales in New York City and the surrounding region focuses on homes that sold around a certain price point, allowing you to compare single-family homes, condos and co-ops in different locales. The “list price” is the asking price when the property came on …

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Can My Co-op Board Evict an Unruly Subletter?

Q: A shareholder in our East Village co-op has been subletting his apartment for about two years. The subletter has been an ongoing problem for the building, violating co-op rules. She is loud, leaves the front door open and has screaming fights with her husband. The shareholder wants her out, …

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How Smart Is Your Home?

At One United Nations Park, which faces the East River at East 40th Street, near the United Nations complex, every apartment comes with a single seven-inch screen, typically mounted near the kitchen. The screen also has programmable options, like “party,” which can be set to dim lighting and bring up …

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Are My Neighbors Spying on Me?

Regardless, the apps are popular. As of Wednesday, Nextdoor was the fourth most popular free app in the Apple App Store’s news category, and Citizen ranked sixth. Neighbors ranked 38th in the social networking category. There’s enough material to go around that the Twitter account @bestofnextdoor has gained almost 300,000 …

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