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What if the Road to Single-Payer Led Through the States?

As presidential hopefuls campaign on a national “Medicare for all” system, a California congressman is pushing for a different path to universal coverage: letting the states go first. Ro Khanna, a Democratic representative, will introduce legislation Friday that lets states bundle all their health care spending — including Medicare, Medicaid, …

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Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Medicare for All’ Math

Elizabeth Warren’s “Medicare for all” proposal would make substantial shifts to how the United States pays for its health care system. She would eliminate most other forms of coverage and provide all Americans with a generous government-run plan. To calculate its cost, she has modified estimates from the Urban Institute, …

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How Americans Split on Health Care: It’s a 3-Way Tie

Where the groups differed was in how a universal health care system should be achieved. Eighty-five percent of the Medicare for all enthusiasts thought it was the responsibility of government to ensure all Americans had health coverage. Only 73 percent of those supporting more incremental Democratic reforms agreed. Among those …

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