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Were You Homeless in California?

Earlier this year, we asked you what you wanted to know about California’s gaping economic inequality, and many of you raised questions about homelessness. Many of our readers have said they feel helpless when it comes to the issue, and say that the homeless situation in California can seem overwhelming …

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Every Photo Tells a Story. His Spoke Volumes.

“To tell the story, completely and instantly,” was how Sam Falk described his mission as a photographer. A staff photographer at The New York Times from 1925 to 1969 — a turbulent and transformative era in American history — Falk brought a sense of timing, framing and narrative that enriched …

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Hamilton Closing In on Schumacher’s 7 F1 Titles

AUSTIN, Texas — One by one, Lewis Hamilton has passed the great drivers of Formula One. Except one. And now Hamilton is quickly approaching the legacy of the great Michael Schumacher. His chances of catching him, once thought to be impossible, now look very, very good. Hamilton won his sixth …

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