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Why Is Everything ‘Adjacent’ Now?

As we find ourselves stuck hopelessly online, our lexicon grasps desperately back toward the physical world. An example: The word “adjacent” has recently packed its suitcase and taken the short trip from the literal to the figurative. It used to be that “adjacent” meant “next to,” as in buildings, or …

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Vergne Becomes Formula E’s First Double Champion

(Reuters) – French driver Jean-Eric Vergne defended his Formula E title and became the first double champion in the all-electric series after finishing seventh in Sunday’s New York season finale. The championship leader had failed to score in Saturday’s first part of the double-header on the Brooklyn street circuit but …

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A Tour of the Tour Buses

Summer is high season for concert tours. Bands travel to Instagram fests like Bonnaroo, in the wilds of Tennessee, and old standbys like Glastonbury, in England. And of course there’s always a sweaty bar to play. There are myriad options for getting there (Uber, Mom and Dad’s Subaru, road trip!), …

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Variety: Acrostic – The New York Times

ACROSTIC — Today’s passage is by Barbara Tuchman, who won a Pulitzer Prize for her history of World War I, “The Guns of August,” and has covered an array of other eras and events. The book quoted today is “The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam,” which concerns the …

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