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Making and Changing Your Must-Have List

He has also pushed having a doorman and elevator onto the priority list. “That’s a really interesting part of the process. I think anyone who’s buying an apartment for the first time starts to doubt” him or herself, he said. But the structure of having a list has helped him …

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Buying Your First Home? Save, and Save Some More

First-time buyers nationwide face similar hurdles. “If you look at the housing market seven years ago, or eight years ago, qualifying for a mortgage was something more top of mind, because credit was so tight,” said Cheryl Young, a senior economist at Trulia. But recently, saving for a down payment …

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Rajat Gupta Is Unrepentant for His Crimes

Rajat Gupta had been moved to a larger part of the prison when he came face to face with his nemesis, Raj Rajaratnam. Mr. Rajaratnam, a disgraced hedge fund manager, hadn’t always been Mr. Gupta’s nemesis. For a long time, they were close — so close that a jury was …

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