Can Reality Television Produce a Plausible Rap Star?

“Rhythm + Flow,” which recently concluded on Netflix, was the most recent example of the reality-television business trying to get into the hip-hop business. Judged by T.I., Cardi B and Chance the Rapper, the competition series put contestants through a series of challenges designed to simulate the obstacles an up-and-coming …

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Review: ‘Akhnaten’ Puts You on Philip Glass Time

With this trio and other set pieces, Mr. Glass does create something with the outlines of old-fashioned operatic structure. Act II concludes with an aria: Akhnaten’s pensive hymn to Aten, the young pharaoh’s most private moment and some of Mr. Glass’s most richly harmonic writing. Ms. Costanzo sings with exceptional …

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This Is What Climate Change Sounds Like

Earth’s climate is changing around us. From the frequent wildfires in California to the increasingly severe cyclones in the Indian Ocean, evidence of human-caused global warming is becoming clear. But even as polls indicate a growing acceptance of the reality of global warming, many people are still not motivated enough …

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Philip Glass Is Too Busy to Care About Legacy

STANFORD, Calif. — A Joan Mitchell painting looms at the top of the grand staircase at the Anderson Collection, Stanford University’s modern art museum here. It’s a sweaty, emotive work, bright colors moodily smeared across a huge canvas. On a recent Monday evening, Philip Glass sat at a piano placed …

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