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A Reckoning With the Wars He Has Known

Does Ackerman really think Abed’s grass-roots Syrian movement parallels the United States’ ocean-crossing, false-pretext invasion of Iraq? I doubt it, based on the other things he writes. And whose “democratic ideals” were at work in Iraq — American grunts’? Decision makers’? Ackerman doesn’t clarify. Mostly, though, he deftly evokes resonances …

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Text on the Beach – The New York Times

Kate Levin brings her brood from Boston to her tyrannical mother’s beach house every June. This summer — you guessed it, the summer of 1969 — she’s short on reinforcements: Her husband, David, has to work and can take his mother-in-law only in small doses (when you get to know …

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Her Book in Limbo, Naomi Wolf Fights Back

When Naomi Wolf appeared at the Strand in Manhattan last month to promote her new book, “Outrages: Sex, Censorship, and the Criminalization of Love,” it might have seemed like your average book-tour event. There were several dozen people in folding chairs, a softball Q. and A. by a friendly interviewer …

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