Readers Add to the List of Best Memoirs Since 1969

“All God’s Dangers” reveals so much about the hopes and self-sufficiency of African-American farmers in the first half of the 20th century, about land loss due to mechanization and discrimination in U.S.D.A. lending, and about how the justice system is bent to do the work of white supremacy. If anyone …

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What Children Remember From the War

LAST WITNESSESAn Oral History of the Children of World War IIBy Svetlana Alexievich My grandmother, a former artillery commander in the Red Army and one of the liberators of Auschwitz, talked little about her military service in World War II. When my grandfather’s sister warned him that his bride-to-be was …

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George F. Will on Conservatism’s Homelessness

Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play Music | How to Listen George Will’s latest book, a 600-page defense of what he considers the foundational principles of conservatism, never mentions the name of Donald J. Trump. On this week’s podcast, Will discusses his new book, “The Conservative Sensibility,” and says that the …

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