4 Writers to Watch This Summer

The author Kristen Arnett makes frequent and witty use of Twitter. In a recent tweet meant to encourage people to pre-order her first novel, “Mostly Dead Things” (Tin House, June 4), she called the book her “gay Florida taxidermy baby.” The novel is narrated by Jessa-Lynn Morton, a Floridian fighting …

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A History of Baseball in 10 Pitches

Of his reputation for throwing at batters, Bob Gibson tells Kepner: “I wasn’t really throwing at them, but I didn’t care whether I hit them or not.” He adds that it drove him crazy when umpires accused him of trying to hit a batter: “I’m not throwing at him. If …

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This Debut Is a Jail Novel, but Funny

RIOTS I HAVE KNOWNBy Ryan Chapman MF, the narrator of Ryan Chapman’s debut novel, “Riots I Have Known,” seems in fact to have known only one, which he relates via his blog from inside the Westbrook prison’s Will and Edith Rosenberg Media Center for Journalistic Excellence in the Penal Arts. …

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Spend Some Time With the Winklevii

BITCOIN BILLIONAIRESA True Story of Genius, Betrayal, and RedemptionBy Ben Mezrich At the end of 2017, Bitcoin mania was in full swing. Prices of the digital currency had reached a record high of about $20,000 a pop. Wall Street banks were rushing to get in on the frenzy. Egged on …

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The José Andrés Approach to Vegetables

José Andrés, the chef, restaurateur and philanthropist, sets off on an extravagant vegetable journey in his dazzling new cookbook by stating that he is not a vegetarian — “not even close.” A home cook has much to learn, though, from a professional about making the most of vegetables. Boil your …

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More Than Just Children’s Books

BERLIN — On a recent Saturday afternoon, a hush fell in the bright, airy “reading-aloud” room at Krumulus, a small children’s bookstore in Berlin, as Sven Wallrodt, one of the store’s employees, stood up to speak. Brandishing a newly published illustrated children’s book about the life of Johannes Gutenberg, the …

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