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Boy thinks dad forgot his birthday, gets major surprise

12-year-old Braheim Fowler thought his dad forgot about his birthday and sulks in the car on the way to his baseball game. His spirits are soon lifted after Dad tells him to take a look at what’s waiting for him the trunk.

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  1. The biggest surprise is that the black boy has a father in his life.

  2. My dad could totally beat up his dad

  3. Happy for him in my heart and really like he cried cuz he was so happy and grateful .

  4. Every birthday, my parents used to ask me "You want your present now?"

    And I'd nod and say 'yes' and they'd respond "Well, you got it. It's the present, now." They'd laugh and laugh and I'd cry and cry.

    Good times.

  5. Kudos, dad love to you & you're adorable son!

  6. Only news because a black man is still in his kids life.

  7. Shiiiit my dad used to fight with us over the presents my uncle would send us

  8. This dad earns the best dad in the world medal

    Oh but

    My dad has already taken it :/

  9. That looks to small for me and I am about to turn

  10. They should've kissed on the lips like Tom Bady adn his son did!

  11. It would be funny if he got striked out lol

  12. No racism intended but I think black people are waaaaayyy more grateful nicer and respectful than white people

  13. Don’t cry your going to make me cry

    This made me cry

  14. Finally!!! A kid that is exited about something that can be used outside instead of something involving a gaming console or electronic device!! great video..

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