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Boy Calls 911 To Gripe About Getting Snow Pants For Christmas

A Christmas gift meant to keep a 7-year-old Ontario boy in warm apparently left him cold.

But the way he responded was very naughty: He called 911 to report his cruel, cruel parents.

Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt told CTV News the unidentified boy made the call on Christmas Day because he was upset with his gift and wanted police to help.

Schmidt said officers determined the call was not an emergency and no one was dispatched to the child’s house.

However, he definitely thinks the child should definitely be put on the naughty list, based on a tweet he sent shortly after the call.

Schmidt told the Canadian Broadcasting Co. that even a seemingly innocent call like that can affect efforts of first responders, since nonurgent incidents and fake emergency calls take up time and resources that should be used for real emergencies.

“If the person hangs up, we have to follow up on the person and go and track them down,” he told the network. “We have to treat every call as an emergency.”

Schmidt said that he doesn’t believe any charges will be filed against the child and that he hopes to turn the incident into a teachable moment for other kids unhappy with their Christmas gifts.

“Kids need to realize that calling 911 is critical and serious,” he said, according to Inside Edition. “We don’t want to waste resources going after calls that aren’t an emergency.”

Seems obvious, but the gallery below features other people who didn’t get the memo. 

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