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Bernie Sanders hosts his first 2020 presidential campaign rally

Sen. Bernie Sanders outlined the government’s principles during his first 2020 presidential campaign rally, held in Brooklyn.


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  1. Look at all those token nibbers behind Bernie.

  2. I'm happy to see that the biggest cheer was for environmental justice. It's clear that today's youth has realized how close we are to environmental disaster.

  3. If we go "Back to the Future" with Bernie there will be no future and he's no Christopher Lloyd… and that's a BOOM!🌋🌋🌋

  4. winning platform !!! Bernie tulsi 2020 !!!

  5. look at all those shïtholers, looking for free gibs. lololol

  6. Tax the Rich! End the Wars! #bernie2020 ✊🏻 🇺🇸 🏳️‍🌈

  7. Phoenix Sanders!! Phoenix Sanders!! Phoenix Sanders!!


    Thats a real theme!

  8. First black president, first non-politician president, and maybe…first Jewish president.

  9. Trump will body slam this guy (figuratively).

  10. Ohh look a multimillionaire with 3 houses….

  11. "when you are white, you do not know what its like to be poor"
    -Bernie Sanders

  12. Hillary 2020! It's still her turn!

  13. old rich jew tryng to get confused young people to submit there rites away after this speech he was escorted by armed security to his big gas guzzling terrible for the envirment jet and ate lobster

  14. Bernie supporters
    the ones that steal packages
    off good folks doorsteps

  15. As a Canadian, I'm glad to see that people do want environmental issues to be addressed better, over there. I hope Bernie does well.

  16. Wish we didnt have worldleaders I wanna be free but ur gone and I gotta stay butterfly all the time to fight all the time to keep u off my mind

  17. I will be so happy when the military hang's this traitorous SOB. Three houses and million's in the bank. A true socialist.

  18. I wanna be free but U guys are to far gone 😭

  19. Anyone who votes for this assh—le needs to be sent to a island with all the other idiots who support this fraud.

  20. Sure hope Hillary runs. He will never pull this off.

  21. Huge progressive movement Bernie. Don't spoil by not formulating a detailed #ADOS Reconstruction Reperations Stimulus Platform.

    I understand that Bernie carrying on the torch of MLKs poor people's campaign, but young black people have finally become extremely politically active and revolutionary and are demanding policy action specifically targeting our historical disatvantages.

    It's not devicive to right a wrong. The progressive movement is already fighting for policy change for women, for young people, for the enviornment, for #lgbtq rights, for legalizing pot ect….. To our politically active youth, it doesn't look good to hear all of these specific policy ideas and not hear a platform that specifically addresses ADOS.

    We are not trying to start conflict. We are merely trying to add to the progressive platform.

    And yes reparations doesn't have to come in the form of checks to ADOS. I for one want to see an reperations platform that addresses black people spending money in white businesses. So I'd like to see a reparations platform that provides a budget for giving tax incentives to #ADOS for people starting new businesses. I know the movement isn't being detailed with this…. But that's ok, it's fresh, and in the meantime it's a great opportunity to get ahead of it and make your weakness your strength.

    Bernie should try to be the only candidate with a detailed platform for reparations including a real budget for it.

  22. that is so cruel to trick young people with the promise of free stuff

  23. Not only USA , he will change the world, that is suffering from global warming , unfair tax system, all the creature on the earth. he is the hope for all the creature living on the earth.

  24. Socialism is military, police and fire.

    Communism is Putin, Kim Jong 'un and Donald Trump!

    If he’s good enough, he’s already be president in 2016 election .
    He then does not obey OBAMA in quitting the presidency candidate,
    and then joining with HILLARY for Vice President candidate, and at last totally loosing.
    So go home is better than go on or go up. Please!.

  26. Trumptards are shaking… a big defeat is coming for the fat orange man. #Bernie2020

  27. What percentage of the country is still racist?

  28. Bernie Sanders will be the next President of the United States! #Bernie2020

  29. Bit sceptic with his age. But still believe he's the best option for the future of USA

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