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Australia celebrates 2019 with stunning fireworks

Happy New Year, Australia! Stunning fireworks were displayed over Sydney to ring in 2019.


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  1. New Zealand was before us?? I dont know why they do a NYE story on Australia first 😂😂

  2. Dejavu from the millennium firework show. Remember ?

  3. Happy new years Australia much love from San Francisco of macoris Dominican Republic peace

  4. Mocked hourly by others gaudy fireworks displays while I patiently wait… Curse you Round Earthers!
    Have a Happy Day 🎊 Everyone

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  7. Fake news, The fireworks are launched down in Australia.

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  9. Am I the only one who though that first part of the video sounded like someone moaning?

  10. Real music there was probably better, this is too cool jazzy for all those pyrotechnics—8.5 tonnes!

  11. God bless 2019. Lets pray to god to our future🙏🙏

  12. They sure celebrate better than United States

  13. fake news the fireworks were payed actors

  14. Instead of all these countries wasting taxpayers money on million dollar fiteworks displays that all look the same –
    just do one in some place and record it for youtube.

  15. Hi, I’m Australian, live in Sydney. I have the best view. And yes it’s awesome. My next door neighbors also lit their on fireworks which also made my day. But check out London’s 2018/2019 fireworks!! Those were amazing!!

    Happy New Year!!

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