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Alicia Keys plays two pianos while singing medley of songs she wish she wrote

Grammys 2019 host Alicia Keys reminded all of us just how good she is. From Nat King Cole to Drake, here’s a medley of songs the singer put her own twist on while playing two pianos.

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  1. her voice is so beautiful, much love for her performance tonight <3

  2. Where can I see the performances after it went live?

  3. That is noting new, Tori Amos in the 90โ€™s use to play with two pianos. Look it up on you tube. Alicia Keys needs to come up with her own act, she copied it from Tori Amos.

  4. Killed it. Amazing. Gorgeous and talented.

  5. I wishI understood her appeal as a musician. Totally like her. Just think the musical talent is meh

  6. Why did they let the homewrecker host the show? She should've stayed home an played her piano….she already had her hair scarf on!

  7. The Sentinel Islanders Are There To Offer You Asylum.

  8. Like Prince said Alicia Keys… She's a Genius…..For me the BEST performance of the night…..๐Ÿ’œ(+>

  9. the only deserving individual up on that grammy stage..and even then she is basically just copying tori amos but still alicia is alone in her talent on that stage.

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