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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out America’s ‘fundamentally broken’ campaign finance laws

During a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing, the freshman congresswoman from New York pointed out a lack of ethical standards for the President of the United States.


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  1. If you look up anti-American in the dictionary, it is a picture of this dumb broad's face.

  2. Anyone else running for Public Office in the USA should register for the Selective Service!

  3. 1st on Trending with 700 views? What?!?!?!

  4. Great answers to hard truth rock bottom out right direct questions.

  5. You need the OK of Congress and The Senate!!! That's the balance. That's what the Fore Fathers knew would happen. That's what our constitution protects from happening. Money will always influence whether a Dictatorship or a Communist and even a Democratic society.

  6. I love this educated, energetic articulate fire cracker!

  7. This woman is a joke. She wants all the cows to stop farting…..let that sink in.

  8. This is a selective edited portion of AOC talking point…what is not shown is the rebuttal to her question that shows she has her facts wrong again.

    Here is Smith's response to Ocasio-Cortez:

    There are a couple things for example that would not be, she asked if there is anything that could apply here?
    There are things that do not apply here.
    For example, the whole point of the article she held up that I wrote was that you cannot use your campaign funds to make those payments that would be illegal personal use.
    Campaign funds are not dark money. They are totally disclosed so they are not dark money.
    It's worth noting be the way that dark money constituted by $1.7 billion, I believe that figure is incorrect by factor of about 500%.
    Dark money constitutes 2% to 4% of total spending in U.S. elections and has always been involved in U.S. elections.
    Those are just a couple of points. I did kind of chuckle at the question is it possible, asked of us, that these influences are, this money is influencing the questioning here. To that, I'd say that is something you have to ask yourselves, if you are being influenced, then see what you think. If you are then you might question yourselves, if you're not you might question this hearing.

  9. This reminds me of the movie "clueless". Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves "el Chavismo". Please get away from our country and move to Venezuela.

  10. A.O.C.
    Damn…THIS; American is Outing Corruption! Preeeeach Sister!!!

  11. AOC better tread carefully about asking questions that shouldn't be asked about PACS and big donors.

  12. A.O.C.i am So proud of you.
    Thank you

  13. Made your point. Did something about it

  14. Can't totally disagree with the statement, she does have a job as a Representative in the house. What more proof is needed regarding how effd up our government has become?!

  15. She's right, Obama was an amazingly evil piece of shit

  16. Show the whole clip. Edits are obvious.

  17. She better watch what she says, the Democrooks arn't scared to make people disappear.

  18. People need WORK opportunities man, to make money, she doesn't mention anything about all our jobs outsourced by Wall st. The culture of work and EARNING your right to passage is being replaced by the culture of entitlement and that's WORSE than living in a dictatorship because its indicative of a decaying society which leads to anarchy like what happened in Venezuela. Cuba is a MILLION times better than Venezuela.

  19. So what did Obama do and how exactly did he fund his new mansion?? LOLOLOL Trump doesn't care about money, dude was already a BILLIONAIRE BEFORE PRESIDENCY.

  20. If you want to start shaping these laws, I'm with you on stopping lobby groups and super pac bs… But… Didn't you take advantage of primarying in your region? Hmmm…

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