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5 memorable moments from Grammys 2019

There was a lot to celebrate at Sunday’s wonderfully diverse Grammy Awards. From surprise appearances to bizarre performances, here are 5 can’t-miss moments.

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  1. The best part is always when this vomit fest is over. Popular music hasn't been good in decades.

  2. This Grammy´s edition was the most inspired and powerful from the last decade. Full of positive high energy,killer perfomances from Gaga to Cardi B to Miley Cyrus..through Janelle Monae.. Brandi Carlile was amazing (and deserved more), H.E.R.,Dan + Shay (beautifullll "Tequila" rendition) and of course Alicia Keys as a host and her covers perfomance was the soul & heart of the ceremony..she was clear at the beggining: "relax..i´ll will take care of ALL of you" and she did..like a peaceful,serene mother who tries to embrace all human beings from all over the world with a hopeful message of love,so important in this dark times of racism,xenophobia,homophobia and political confrontations between people.

    It was definitely a woman´s night predominance.. that was clear and it was PERFECT!

  3. Carddi b acting all stank now loól

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