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A Czech Billionaire Buys a Piece of Le Monde

His stake in Le Monde, an afternoon paper with more than 300,000 subscribers, allows him to play a more prominent part in supporting “trans-Atlantic democracy,” he said, and to push for greater regulation of Facebook, Google and other internet giants, which, he argued, undermine the free press. “Being around Le …

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Live From 458 B.C., What the Greeks Mean to Me

“This is not an ‘Oresteia’ for classicists,” Ms. McLaughlin — a playwright, actor and old friend from college — told me later in New York. She was understating. For one thing, her version, which runs through June 2, is a swift two hours and 20 minutes instead of the dawn-to-dusk …

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Clash Between Protesters and Soldiers Turns Deadly in Pakistan

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Pakistani troops clashed with protesters on Sunday near the border with Afghanistan, leaving at least three people dead and scores wounded, officials said. The violence broke out as several hundred people, including two Parliament members, were protesting for the rights of Pakistan’s Pashtuns in the North Waziristan …

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